HEDG Seminars

IVØ seminar room at 1:00 pm unless otherwise indicated



March 3

Jane Greve, VIVE: "Do vaccines mitigate the long-term impact of poor health at birth? A population analysis of the introduction of MMR vaccine to Danish childhood vaccination program"

March 10

Andy Ferrara, University of Pittsburgh: "WWI Anti-German Sentiment and Economic Growth in U.S. Counties"

March 24

Michela Giorcelli, UCLA: "Not All Management Is Created Equal: Evidence from the TWI program" - Cancelled/postponed

April 21

Melissa Thomasson, Miami University - Cancelled/postponed

April 28

Kristiina Huttunen, VATT Institute for Economic Research, Helsinki - Cancelled/postponed

May 12

Paul Rhode, University of Michigan - Cancelled/postponed

May 26

David Weil, Brown University: "Quality Adjusted Population Density" 
Note: Online seminar starting at 14.00

June 9

Leonardo Bursztyn, University of Chicago - Cancelled/postponed

October 27

Cormac Ó Gráda, University College Dublin

November 24

Santiago Pérez, UC Davis



May 18

Shari Eli, University of Toronto

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