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The origins of creativity: How human relations matter


Karol Jan Borowiecki  

DKK 2.6 million. Funded by the Danish Research Council  (23-06-2017)

The title of the project is "The origins of creativity: How human relations matter "
The project explores how creativity arises as the result of human interactions. The topic is particularly relevant in light of the fact that it is creativity that largely “drives the economy (…) and stimulates inclusive growth” (OECD, 2014), while the creative sectors are considered “the most important element in job creation, innovation and trade ”(UNCTAD, 2010). The aim of the project is to develop new research designs in which the mechanisms that are central to creative expression are identified under the historical framework. In addition, the project helps to build and use large databases of creative people and their interactions. The study is expected to have significant implications for a variety of fields, including for labor market economics, economic history, urban history and sociology. The project is also relevant to a number of areas outside the academic world where creativity is crucial - in the fields such as entrepreneurship, innovation and art. Read more here

Last Updated 21.04.2020