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The Evolution of AI-based Organizations

Organizations evolve over time in response to environmental demands, including new digital technologies and AI. How has the ecology of news media organizations developed over time? In what way has the digital transformation of society influenced the evolution of news organizations? Why do some news organizations thrive and adapt, while others do not? And how do the observed demographic changes in the population of news organizations relate to higher-level changes in the news-ecosystem? And in what ways do these developments imply changes in the quality of news provision in society?

To address these questions, this project will develop an organizational population ecology, as applied to news media organizations as a collection of competing and cooperating organizations. It will examine the life histories of the relevant population(s) of news media organizations, including their composition and diversity as well as their creation, change, and demise over time.

The project is highly interdisciplinary in nature, drawing on state-of-the-art methods in demography, organizational adaptation and evolution as well as recent advances in psychology and law. While the project is general in principle, the focus is on Danish (European) news media organizations.




Last Updated 06.10.2021