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The DaWS Research Excellence Initiative

The purpose of the Research Excellence Initiative is to generate virtuous circles of excellence where research, funding, research training and teaching are integrated elements. This is accomplished through a number of initiatives and strategic efforts towards attracting and nurturing international talented young researchers and students as well as setting up international institutional research and teaching cooperation.

The Talented Student Grant is one important component of the initiative and aims to nurture talented students. The Talented Student Grant is a competitive grant program to fund MA-level student projects which bring a contribution to the study of the welfare state and welfare societies in broad sense. The purpose of the Talented Student Grant is to provide motivated and talented students enrolled in the MSc of Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies and MSc Political Science the opportunity to strengthen their competences and acquire additional skills through special initiatives which develop academic skills and skills that are relevant to the labour market. The call for 2020 the Talented Student Grant is now open.

The Research Excellence Initiative also consists of our Research Talent Central program that provides advanced PhD students as well as early stage researchers a platform for academic exchange, career advancement and networking. As a part of the initiative we offer an early career grant and organize the yearly DaWS Early Career Workshop that offers in-depth feedback as well as extraordinary networking opportunities. The call for DaWS Early Career Workshop is now open. Here you can see a list of excellent young international scholars visiting DaWS on the DaWS Early Career Grant in 2018 and 2019.

DaWS has a strong track record in hosting Marie Curie projects and encourages international scholars to contact us for collaborating grant applications. Here you can find more information from our research support office.

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Last Updated 25.09.2020