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Visiting Fellows

Over the last years we have hosted both leading international scholars and researchers in the early phases of their career – and we will continue to do so in the coming years.

We always try to offer the best possible working conditions and to integrate visiting scholars in the research activities of the Centre.

Xiauying Yu
SEM of Tongjji University
Period: January-February 2019

Jurgen de Wispelaere
University of Bath
Period: February-March 2019

Prof. Markus Tepe
University of Oldenburg
Period: March 2019

Tobias Böger
University of Bielefeld
Period: April 2019

Hanna Lierse
University of Bremen
Period: April-May 2019

Philip Rathgeb
University of Konstanz
Period: May 2019

Tim Dorlach
Koc University
Period: Autumn semester 2019

Previous visiting scholars at DaWS

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