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Martin Beck

Department of History

Phone: 65502172

Research areas
International Relations of the Middle East
Political Economy of the Middle East
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
International Oil Politics
Cross-Mediterranean Relations
Refugee Studies

Selected publications 
Martin Beck and Thomas Richter (eds.) (2021), Oil and the political economy in the Middle East: Post-2014 adjustment policies of the Arab Gulf and beyond (Manchester: Manchester University Press);

Martin Beck (2021), On the making of the German ‘refugee crisis’: Securitizing Muslim immigrants in 2015 and beyond, Journal of Refugee Studies 34(2).

Martin Beck (2020), The aggravated struggle for regional power in the Middle East: American allies Saudi Arabia and Israel versus Iran, Global Policy 11(1): 84-92.

Martin Beck (2017), How to (not) walk the talk: The demand for Palestinian self-determination as a challenge for the European Neighbourhood Policy, European Foreign Affairs Review 22(1): 59-73.

Martin Beck (2015), Regional Middle Eastern exceptionalism? The Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Council after the Arab Uprisings, Democracy and Security 11(2): 190-207.