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Hendrik Huelss

Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science and Public Management


Research areas
Autonomous Weapons Systems
EU external relations
IR Theory

Funded projects
AUTONORMS; Senior Researcher; 08/2020-07/2023; European Research Council; project website under development and live soon.

Selected publications
Autonomous Weapon Systems and International Norms (with Ingvild Bode), McGill-Queen’s University Press, forthcoming 2021.

‘Norms Are What Machines Make of Them: Autonomous Weapons Systems and the Normative Implications of Human-Machine Interactions’, International Political Sociology, 2020, 14:2, 111-128.

‘Be Free? Conceptualising the European Union’s Post-Arab Spring Women Empowerment as Neoliberal Governmentality’, Journal of International Relations and Development, 22:1, 2019, pp. 136–158.

‘Autonomous Weapons Systems and Changing Norms in International Relations’ (with Ingvild Bode), Review of International Studies, 44:3, 2018, pp. 393-413 (Gold Open Access).

‘After Decision-Making: The Operationalization of Norms in International Relations’, International Theory, 9:3, 2017, pp. 381-409 (Gold Open Access).