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Kristine Kjærsgaard

Ph.D., Associate Professor
Department of History

Phone: +45 6550 2210

Research areas
Danish foreign and security policy
International human rights
The UN
The Council of Europe
Development aid

Selected publications
International Arenas ad Domestic Institution Formation: the Impact of the UN Women's Conferences in Denmark, 1975-1985
Kjærsgaard, K.2020Nordic Histories of Human Rights. Vik, H. H., Jensen, S. L. B., Lindkvist, L. & Strang, J. (red.). Routledge, s. 83-98

Confronting the greek military junta: scandinavian joint action under the european commission on human rights, 1967-70
Kjærsgaard, K.,2016,The 'Long 1970s': Human Rights, East-West Détente and Transnational Relations. Villaume, P., Mariager, R. & Porsdam, H. (red.).Routledge,s. 51-69

Individual Involvment and Network Formation in the League of Nations: The Case of Danish Women’s Activist Bodil Begtrup (1926-1938)
Kjærsgaard, K.,2014,In:Revue d'histoire Nordique - Nordic Historical Revue.2013,17,s. 153-178

Human Rights in Danish Development Aid, 1975-2010
Midtgaard, K.,2013,Saints and Sinners: Official Development Aid and its Dynamics in a Comparative and Historical Context. Pharo, H. & Thorsten B., O. (red.). Oslo: Fagbokforlaget

National Security and the Choice of International Humanitarian Aid. Denmark and the Korean War, 1950-53. A Small State in a Military Context with a Civilian Orientation
Midtgaard, K.,2011, In: Journal of Cold War Studies.13,2, s. 148-174