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Anders Bo Rasmussen

Associate Professor
Department of History, Center for American Studies

Phone: 6550 4664

Research areas
American Civil War
American Empire


Selected publications
Civil War Settlers: Scandinavians, Citizenship, and American Empire, 1848-1870 (forthcoming Cambridge University Press)

“On Liberty and Equality”: Race and Reconstruction among Scandinavian Immigrants, 1864-1868” in Nordic Whiteness and Migration to the USA: A Hierarchy of Colour. Sverdljuk, J., Joranger, T. M. H., Jackson, E. K. & Kivisto, P. (red.). Routledge, 2020.

“The Impressment of Foreign-born Soldiers in the Union Army,”
J. Douma, M., Rasmussen, A. B. & Faith, R. O., 1. apr. 2019I: Journal of American Ethnic History. 383s. 76-10