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Thomas Ærvold Bjerre

Associate Professor
Department for the Study of Culture

Phone: +4565503120

Research areas
Representations of war in U.S. popular culture
Military masculinities in popular culture
The U.S. South in popular culture


Selected publications
Thomas Ærvold Bjerre, “Military Masculinity and the Deserting Soldier in Stop-Loss,” in Purse, L. & Wolfel, U. (eds.) Mediating War and Identity: Figures of Transgression in 20th and 21st Century War Representation. Edinburgh UP, 2020, pp. 135-151.

Thomas Ærvold Bjerre, “From Warrior Heroes to Vulnerable Boys: Debunking ‘Soldierly Masculinity’ in Tim Hetherington's Infidel Photos,” in Engberg-Pedersen, A. & Maurer, K. (eds.),Visualizing War: Emotions, Technologies, Communities. Routledge, 2017, pp. 146-164.

Thomas Ærvold Bjerre, “Post-9/11 Literary Masculinities in Kalfus, Hamid, and DeLillo,” Orbis Litterarum 67/3, 2012, pp. 241-266.

Thomas Ærvold Bjerre, “Authenticity and War Junkies: Making the Iraq War Real in Films and TV Series,” Journal of War and Culture Studies 4/2, 2011, pp. 223-234.