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Olivier J. Walther

Associate Professor
Department of Political Science

Phone: 65508393

Research areas
Cross-border trade
Transnational terrorism
Social networks
West Africa

Funded projects

Monitoring the Spatial Evolution of Conflicts in North and West Africa (2021-22), PI, OECD

Inclusiveness and Diversity as Building Blocks of Resilient International Research Teams in the Age of COVID-19 (2021-22), Co-PI, National Science Foundation

Linking deforestation, urbanization, and agricultural expansion for land-use decisions in Ghana (2020-22), Co-I, NASA SERVIR-USAID


Selected publications
Trémolières M, Walther O, Radil S. (eds) 2021. Conflict Networks in North and West Africa. Paris, OECD Publishing.

Walther O, Miles W. (eds) 2018. African Border Disorders. Addressing Transnational Extremist Organizations. New York, Routledge.

Prieto Curiel R, Walther O, O’Clery C. 2020. Uncovering the internal structure of Boko Haram through its mobility patterns. Applied Network Science 5(28): 1-23.

Walther O, Dambo L, Koné M, van Eupen M. 2020. Mapping travel time to assess accessibility in West Africa: The role of borders, checkpoints and road conditions. Journal of Transport Geography 82, 102590.

Walther O. 2015. Business, brokers and borders: The structure of West African trade networks. Journal of Development Studies 51(5): 603-620.