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Jaume Castan Pinos

Associate Professor
Department of Political Science and Public Management

Phone: 65501244


Research areas
Political violence
Ethnic conflict
Border disputes

Selected publications
Castan Pinos, J., & McCall, C. (2021). ‘The division of Ireland and its foes: The centenary of resistance to partition’, Nations and Nationalism, 1-16.

Castan Pinos, J. & Radil, S. (2020) ‘The Territorial Contours of Terrorism: A Conceptual Model of Territory for Non-state Violence’, Terrorism and Political Violence, 32(5): 1027-1046.

Castan Pinos, J. (2020) ‘The Islamic State as the epitome of the terrorist parastate’ Nationalities Papers 48(1): 116-129.

Radil, S. & Castan Pinos (2019) ‘Re-examining the four waves of modern terrorism: a territorial interpretation’ Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, 1-20.

Castan Pinos, J. (2019) Kosovo and the Collateral Effects of Humanitarian Intervention. Routledge.