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Fluctuating Regional (Dis-)Order in the Middle East

Martin Beck

The Middle Eastern regional order has been undergoing profound changes in the current decade. These can be traced back to a reconfiguration of international and regional structures. In a special issue of Global Policy, Martin Beck (SDU) and Thomas Richter (GIGA) argue that a new regional order has emerged that can be characterized as a highly contested multipolar system in flux. Papers come from the two guest editors, and May Darwich, Raymond Hinnebusch, and Sean Yom. They cover the American retreat from the Middle East, the aggravated struggle for regional power between Saudi Arabia and Israel versus Iran, Saudi Arabia’s new petro-aggression, escalation in failed Saudi and Emirati military interventions, and the battle over the reconstruction of Syria.

Links: To the contributions of the special issue (all in Open Access)

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Editing was completed: 01.12.2018