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26th November, 13.00-14.30: The Spatial Turn in Conflict and Peacebuilding

On Friday 26 November from 13.00 – 14.30 in Mødelokale M (Agora) Annika Björkdahl from Lund University will give a talk on where peace takes place and discuss how space and place effect conflict dynamics as well as peace processes.

How are material and immaterial legacies of conflict transformed into places and spaces of peace? How can peacebuilding transform warscapes into peacescapes, i.e., how can spaces and places tainted by conflict be transformed to manifest and represent peace?

This talk will address the question: "Where does peace take place"? It draws attention to the spatial features of war and peace and it discusses how space and place effect conflict dynamics as well as peace processes. War zones, border disputes, fights over land and territory, out-of- area missions, inter- or intrastate conflict, besieged cities, peace gardens and war memorials, and many other phenomena make reference to spatial features. This points to the fact that the conduct of violence and the maintenance of peace always have a spatial element to them; they would not occur without space. This talk thus aims to demonstrate that the spatial analysis is useful to peace and conflict research and it helps question the very dichotomy between war and peace.

Annika Björkdahl is Professor of Political Science and the Editor in Chief of Cooperation and Conflict. Her research interests include international and local peacebuilding with a particular focus on urban peacebuilding, and gender and transitional justice.

Editing was completed: 11.11.2021