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Fluctuating regional (dis-) order in the post-Arab Uprising Middle East

Martin Beck serves as co-guest editor and (co-)author in a special section of Global Policy

By Martin Beck, 2/1/2021

The Middle Eastern regional order has been undergoing profound changes in the current decade. These can be traced back to a reconfiguration of international and regional structures. Together with his colleague Thomas Richter from the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA), Martin Beck served as a guest editor of a special section on “Fluctuating regional (dis-)order in the post-Arab Uprising Middle East” in the pertinent journal Global Policy. Apart from Martin Beck and Thomas Richter, highly renowned colleagues May Darwich (University of Birmingham), Raymond Hinnebusch (University of St Andrews), and Sean Yom (Temple University) contributed:

Fluctuating Regional (Dis‐)Order in the Post‐Arab Uprising Middle East – Martin Beck and Thomas Richter

US Foreign Policy in the Middle East: The Logic of Hegemonic Retreat – Sean Yom

The Aggravated Struggle for Regional Power in the Middle East: American Allies Saudi Arabia and Israel versus Iran – Martin Beck

New Petro‐aggression in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia in the Spotlight – Thomas Richter

Escalation in Failed Military Interventions: Saudi and Emirati Quagmires in Yemen – May Darwich

The Battle over Syria's Reconstruction – Raymond Hinnebusch

Editing was completed: 01.02.2021