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Deterrence in the 21st Century - Insights from Theory and Practice

By Peter Viggo Jakobsen and Sten Rynning, 1/27/2021

Ours is a period of considerable strategic turbulence, which in recent years has featured a renewed emphasis on nuclear weapons used in defense postures across different theaters; a dramatic growth in the scale of military cyber capabilities and the frequency with which these are used; and rapid technological progress including the proliferation of long-range strike and unmanned systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

These military-strategic developments occur in a polarized international system, where cooperation between leading powers on arms control regimes is breaking down, states widely make use of hybrid conflict strategies, and the number of internationalized intrastate proxy conflicts has quintupled over the past two decades.

This new volume, surveys, updates and refines our understanding of deterrence to address the pressing strategic challenges of today. It identifies the most pressing strategic issues, frames the principal theoretical concepts, and describes new strategies to counter the challenges of our era. As such this book offers a critical contribution to an as-of-yet nascent body of fifth wave deterrence literature. The contributors consist world-leading experts from three continents, among them Professor Peter Viggo Jakobsen and Professor Sten Rynning from the Center of War Studies at University of Southern Denmark.

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