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Resilience in EU and International Institutions

A new edited volume by Elena Korosteleva and Trine Flockhart

Resilience in EU and International Institutions is the title of a new book co-edited by Elena Korosteleva, Professor of International Politics at Kent, and Trine Flockhart, Professor of International Relations at the University of Southern Denmark.

The book, published by Routledge on 30 November, explores the concept and practice of resilience. It proposes a new understanding of resilience, both as a quality and a way of thinking, to argue that a more sustainable way to govern the world today is bottom-up and inside-out.

While carrying a seemingly unifying message of self-reliance, adaptation and survival in the face of adversity, resilience curiously continues to appear ‘all things to all people’, making it hard for the EU and international institutions to make full use of its potential.

Engendering resilience today, in the highly volatile and uncertain world hit by crises, pandemic, and diminishing control, becomes a priority like never before. This book develops a more comprehensive view of resilience by looking at it both as a quality of the system, and a way of thinking inherent to ‘the local’ that cannot be engineered from the outside.

About the editors

Trine Flockhart is Professor of International Relations and Co-Director of the Centre for War Studies at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark, and Founder and President of Women in International Security–Denmark (WIIS–DK), Copenhagen, Denmark. Her research focuses on international order and transformational change, NATO and transatlantic relations. Her article ‘The Coming Multi-Order World’ published in Contemporary Security Policy (2016) was awarded the Bernard Brodie Prize that same year.

Elena Korosteleva is Professor of International Politics and Jean Monnet Chair of European Politics in the School of Politics and International Relations at Kent. She is Co-founder and Director of the Global Europe Centre and Principal Investigator for the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) COMPASS project (ES/P010849/1), focusing on resilience and governance in (Eastern) Europe and Central Asia. She has published widely in the journals Contemporary Security Policy, Journal of International Relations and Development, Cooperation and Conflict, Democratization and International Relations.

Further information about the new book is available on the Routledge website. You can use the discount code SSM20 to save 20% on purchase.

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