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On the continuation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Martin Beck

How have the recent conflicts in the Arab world impacted the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Since the third intifada, how has the conflict evolved and what are the current dynamics of the opposition between the actors?


The paper addresses the continuation of the Israeli—Palestinian conflict as something puzzling and thus an academic issue in need of being properly described and explained. When tackling this issue, rather than the causes, the dynamics of the conflict are emphasized. This paper is one of a series of recently published articles and book chapters that deal with the question how and why Israel manages to maintain a colonial rule in Palestine. In the era of postcolonialism, it has been challenging for Israel to legitimize prolonged occupation, as this regime violates human rights. However, Israel manages to do so extending its highly superior material power, supplemented by a policy of securitizing Islamist actors in Palestine and beyond.


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This contribution is part of a more general book: Bramsen Isabel, Poul Poder and Ole Waever (eds.), Resolving International Conflict: Dynamics of Escalation, Continuation and Transformation, Routledge, 2019. 

Editing was completed: 09.06.2019