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Diplomacy and the Arctic Council

Danita Burke

In her book Diplomacy and the Arctic Council Danita Burke argues that the Arctic Council is a club: a group of states that mutually benefit from voluntary collaboration and that use the forum as a vessel to help define and guide the parameters of their cooperation. How the club members identify and address challenges reflects power relations among them, which vary depending on the topic under discussion or debate. Providing insight into the daily practices of the Arctic Council and the relative status of its member states, Burke seeks to understand why major international events, such as the 2014 Russian-Ukrainian conflict over the Crimea region, do not deter the Arctic countries from cooperating. The author posits that the Arctic Council's club structure and its strategy of practising and projecting unity have allowed it to weather the storm of international conflicts involving its core membership.


Want to read more on this issue? Make sure to check out Danita Burke’s book, Diplomacy and the Arctic Council, using this link.

Editing was completed: 10.05.2019