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Our Story

The Center for War Studies brings together a broad range of disciplines to better understand the phenomenon and the scourge of war and how war can be managed -or better still prevented - to make for a more peaceful, just and orderly world.

The Center for War Studies (CWS) is a multidisciplinary research center bringing together researchers from Politics, Law, History and Culture based at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). CWS was established in 2012 as a high profile and high-quality research pole dedicated to developing our understanding of the changing nature of war and the many challenges to security, governance and order arising from a dynamic, complex and increasingly connected world.
We start from the premise that war is one of the most dramatic events in human affairs, and its prevention, conduct and consequences define and shape human societies. The enormous importance of studying and understanding war therefore stems from its destructive and transformative nature. As an academic field of research, War Studies is problem-driven and relevant to society at both the domestic and international level.

Our aim is to shape and contribute to the major debates on the past, present and future of war, and its impact on societies to illuminate the multiple dimensions of war and peace, thus creating one of Europe’s largest and most diverse research environments dedicated to this issue. 

We produce research published in top international journals and presses, manage project funded by prestigious donors (including the ERC, the Marie Curie Action, the Danish Research Council, the Carlsberg Foundation, and the Velux Foundation), mentor and train early career researchers, and coordinate research activities with a number of European partner institutions within our War Studies Network.

We are deeply committed to engaging in knowledge exchange in the wider society and our educational programs, notably the Master of International Security and Law (MOISL) and the planned professional Master in Intelligence and Cyber Studies (MICS) are both part of this endeavor. 

We proudly go outside of the ivory tower and bring our research on war to the heart of societal debates, through engagement with decision-makers, national and international institutions and influencers. In short - though research excellence and societal relevance and engagement, we advance the understanding of the fundamental issue of war and peace. 

Last Updated 10.09.2021