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Trine Flockhart

Co-Director of Center for War Studies, Director of Policy & External Relations, Professor

Phone: 65509261

Research areas


International Order

Global Governance


Liberal Orders Crisis

Transformational Change


Externally funded projects

The Coming Multi-Order World - Power, Principles and Practice in Times of Transformational Change, Carlsberg Foundation Monograph Fellowship (on pause until January 2022)


Selected publications

Elena Korosteleva & Trine Flockhart (eds.) (2021) Resilience in EU and International Institutions: Redefining Local Ownership in a New Global Governance Agenda, London, Routledge

Trine Flockhart, (2020) ‘Is this the end? Resilience, ontological security, and the crisis of the liberal international order’, Contemporary Security Policy, 41:2, pp. 215-240 DOI: 10.1080/13523260.2020.1723966

Trine Flockhart, (2016) ‘The Problem of Change in Constructivist Theory - Ontological Security Seeking and Agent Motivation’ Review of International Studies, vol. 42(5), pp. 799-820 DOI:

Trine Flockhart, (2016) ‘The Coming Multi-Order Word’ Contemporary Security Policy, vol. 37(1), pp. 3-30 Awarded the Bernard Brodie Prize for best article in 2016.

Trine Flockhart, (2006) ‘Complex socialisation’: A framework for the study of state socialization’. European Journal of International Relations, vol. 12 (1), pp.89- 118.