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Róbert Gál

Visiting Professor
The Interdisciplinary Centre on Population Dynamics


Robert Ivan Gal is a researcher and consultant. He holds his MSc in Economics from Corvinus (formerly Karl Marx) University, Budapest, Hungary and his PhD in Sociology from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. He works as a senior researcher at the Hungarian Demographic Research Institute, an affiliated professor at Corvinus University, and a senior extern at TARKI Social Research Centre, all in Budapest. He published in the Journal of European Public Policy, Social Policy and Administration, Population Studies, Demographic Research, the Journal of the Economics of Ageing and, as part of a research team, in Science. He worked and is working as an individual consultant for the United Nations Population Fund (Moldova, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Serbia, Kosovo), the European Commission (ASISP and ESPN networks) and the International Labour Organisation (South-Eastern Europe).