Linda Ahrenfeldt

Assistant Professor
Department of Public Health

Phone: +45 65503844

Research interests: Sex differences in health and mortality, ageing research, twins, cancer, fecundity and religiousness and health.

Linda Juel Ahrenfeldt is an Assistant Professor at the unit of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Biodemography. Her research focuses on sex differences in health and mortality to help understanding the “male-female health survival paradox” – why women live longer than men but with worse health. During her doctoral studies at CPop, she published research in the field of aging to shed light on the consequences of longer life, and whether longer lives result in more years in good versus bad health. Furthermore, she published research in the field of male-female differences in survival and longevity with the focus to investigate sex differences in various health outcomes across age and European regions. Her research is mainly published in leading epidemiologic and public health journals such as the International Journal of Epidemiology, European Journal of Epidemiology, International Journal of Public Health and European Journal of Public Health. Furthermore, she has also led substantial research investigating possible differences between opposite-sex and same-sex twins with the overall purpose to examine the effects of shared fetal environment to test potential influences of testosterone on human health, development and behavior later in life, and thus gain an understanding of the mechanisms underlying sex differences.