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Mauro Laudicella

DaCHE - Danish Centre for Health Economics


My research focuses on applied Health Economics. I apply and develop econometric models for evaluating the impact of health policies, the allocations of health care markets, and the performance of health care providers. My research methods are mainly based on the analysis of longitudinal secondary data from hospitals and GPs. My research topics include:

  • Analysis of costs and resource use in patients with chronic and acute conditions, including cancer, diabetes, hip fractures, AMI, strokes
  • Evaluating the performance of health care providers and their response to policy incentives, including monetary and non-monetary incentives
  • Impact of diffusion of innovations and new technologies in health care markets
  • Drivers of the demand for health care
  • Choice and competition in health care markets
  • Inequality in access to care.

I have been awarded a Marie-Curie Individual Fellowship sponsored by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. I will investigate the impact of the success of hospitals improving quality of care and survival rates after acute interventions on the future demand and cost of care. The research officially starts in September 2019 and will focus on the Danish population of hospital care users.