The Market Development Fund

This measure is designed to make it easier for public institutions to seek new, innovative solutions. By making requests in new ways, they can contribute to targeting company innovation, thereby allowing them to improve their development and perhaps reduce costs.

Innovative purchasing, for instance, could involve purchasing familiar products, but, when this is combined with new, innovative services, it can reduce operating costs and provide the public with better service at the same time.

Or it could involve requesting completely new solutions that are not yet available on the market, where the public institution enters into a public/private development collaboration.

What are subsidies available for?

Public players, such as municipalities and regions, can apply for subsidies to cover expenses associated with the stages leading up to purchasing innovative solutions, including internal working hours and external costs.

The stages cover tasks such as needs analysis, market dialogues and analyses, the choice of tendering procedure and the wording and procedure of inviting tenders. However, the Market Maturation Foundation cannot support purchasing itself.

Read more on the Market Development Foundation website.


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