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Eurostars project: pURIcat

Type of project: EU project under the Horizon2020 program

Total project budget: 7.6 M DKK

Urinary tract infection is among the most common infection in hospitals and nursing homes, and often occurs as a result of urinary catheterization. Bacteria are able to colonize and form biofilms on indwelling catheters, from where they infect the urinary tract. This causes discomfort and a considerable antibiotic consumption, and occasionally ascending infections where bacteria reach the kidneys and the blood.

In the project ”pURIcat” the Clinical Biofilm Group at the Dept. of Clinical Microbiology cooperates with a Danish and two Spanish companies in an effort to develop a urinary catheter that better resists these infections. A new antimicrobial coating is being developed for the device surface which effectively rejects bacteria. In case an infection, the material technology used in the catheter balloon makes it possible to administer antibiotics directly in the bladder, for target-directed treatment with less side-effects.

The participants include the Spanish Venair and OnyriQ. Venair specializes in precision manufacturing of silicone tubing and Onyriq are specialists in modification and functionalization of polymer materials. The Danish company Biomodics are experts in specialty polymers and drug delivery using patented silicone modification technologies.

The two-year project was initiated in April 2018.



Last Updated 12.03.2020