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Eurostars project: BacSens

Type of project: EU project under the Horizon2020 program

Total project budget: 7.3 M DKK

Fast identification of a bacterial pathogen isolated from hospital patients is of critical importance to initiate a timely, optimal treatment and prevent further exacerbation of the infection. In this Eurostars project, the Clinical Biofilm Group at the Dept. of Clinical Microbiology cooperates with Danish Fundamental Metrology under the Center for Nanotechnology at DTU and the two companies BacAlert IVS (DK) and the Art Photonics GmbH (DE).

The goal of the project is to develop a new type of sensor which uses Raman spectroscopy for rapid identification of a bacterial species. The intention is furthermore to obtain adequate knowledge about spectrum interpretation, to extract further knowledge about key clinical bacterial characteristics, including antibiotic resistance profiles and virulence properties.

The project team is highly cross-disciplinary with experts from fields as diverse as laser technology over electronics design to clinical microbiology.

Starting in June 2019 and operating over 30 months, the project team will design and built the sensor followed by a process of testing and optimization in close collaboration with the hospital routine clinical microbiology laboratory.

Last Updated 12.03.2020