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Centre for Human Interactivity

Research Profile

The CHI is a research centre at the University of Southern Denmark, which was founded on the 1st November 2012. 

The CHI pursues a groundbreaking view of what it is to be human by drawing on synergies of what is best in Cognitive Science and the Humanities. This leads us to study what happens in highly complex settings, how events are shaped by what people think, feel and do, and how the results of their actions and coactions contribute to the wider ecology.

When people begin with cognitive science, they usually focus on hardware, tasks and information processing. When they begin with the humanities they often begin with verbal pattern, texts and other media. We do neither: we investigate how living beings connect up sense-saturated activity or, simply, how they coordinate. This is what we call human interactivity. It is species-specific in that, through languaging, people link bodies, materiality and organisations. Human interactivity is at once both feelingful, normative and makes us in our becoming.

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Last Updated 06.09.2022