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Centre for Human Interactivity


At the Centre for Human Interactivity, we investigate particularities that matter in the real-world. In doing so, we bridge the gap between the humanities and the sciences. From the world of the humanities we have learned to savour particularities, and hence the array of qualitative methods used at the centre. From the sciences we have taken on board our preoccupation with human coordination as grounded in biocognitive dynamics.

The vision of the Centre is to understand the dynamics of the living.

To achieve this, we work with a four-dimensional research mission. Our mission is:

  1. to establish interactivity as a major field of interdisciplinary research 

  2.  to do the best qualitative work in cognitive science

  3.  to develop a theory of how second-order phenomena (i.e. ideas of ‘reality’) constrain first-order reality (i.e. how living beings get by in a physical universe).

  4.  specifically, to develop a theory of language as second-order constraints on human coordination in an ecosocial reality

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Last Updated 06.09.2022