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Getting to SDU Odense

Interstitiel by Jørn Larsen. Photo: Ole Haupt.

The best way to arrange your journey from your arrival airport to Odense is by using the Journey Planner at

In the Journey Planner you are able to choose between Danish, German or English in the language selecetion in the upper right corner, see picture below.


Arriving at Copenhagen Airport: 

When arriving in Copenhagen, the easiest way to get to Odense is by train. The train departures directly from the airport and arrives in Odense approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes later. The trains depart frequently. Everything you need, ticketing office and exit to the platforms, is available from the lobby in Terminal 3 at Copenhagen Airport.

Using the Journey Planner: Type: From "Copenhagen Airport" to "Odense st".


Arriving at Billund Airport: 

From Billund, there is no direct means of transportation to Odense. Therefore, the journey from Billund to Odense is by both bus and train. This journey takes approximately two hours.

Using the Journey Planner: Type: From "Billund Airport" To "Odense st".


Arriving in Odense:

If you choose to book your accommodation with one of the Conference Hotels (Ansgar, Plaza or Windsor), with which we've negotiated a discount, you're within easy walking distance of the train station. Plaza is just across from the station through the park called "Kongens Have" (King's Garden). One block further down Østre Stationsvej is Hotel Ansgar and the farthest, Windsor is at most a 10 minute stroll away. In all likelihood, the train station and adjacent bus station will be your hub of transportation. From here, city bus lines (40, 41 and 42) depart regularly. Their terminus is the main entrance of the university, which is on the Southern outskirts of Odense. The taxi hub is on the North of the station, the city buses stop from the ground floor of the station proper.

Last Updated 30.12.2016