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Centre for Human Interactivity

In 2017 we are proud to host the fifth annual Centre for Human Interactivity Autumn Symposium (CHIAS V). The symposium will take place on the 25th of September 2017 at University of Southern Denmark on the Odense campus.

Keynote speakers: John Stewart and Paul Thibault 

Those interested in human interactivity have often focused on what sociologists call the micro-scale, that of events that are experienced alone or face-to-face. In turning to a macro domain, we ask about socio-political implications of tracing language to, not representation, but interactivity, sense-saturated coordination, and human experience of engaging with others and with the world. 

CHIAS V is coupled with LangEnact II, a conference that addresses the issue of ‘Language without representation: grounding language in sensorimotor coordination’. LangEnact II takes place on 26th and 27th of September. Hence, over three days, meaning will be pursued as activity, as experienced, as jointly managed, as constrained by linguistic patterns, and as a product of changing socio-technics in the bio-ecology. CHIAS V is a forum for those interested in pursuing societal, cultural, socio­political, and environmental questions from ecological, enactivist, distributed, and interactivity-based view­points-

Going from the micro domain of interactivity to the macro domain of socio-politics, culture, and environment is a daunting task, and we have dedicated CHIAS V to discuss this topic. Please read the call for papers  and find other relevant information in the right hand side bar or by following the link in the green box.

CHIAS V is fully coupled with LangEnact II and the theme of: Meaning without Representation: Grounding Language in Sensorimotor Coordination.


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LangEnact II/CHIAS V

LangEnact II is coupled with CHIAS V


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