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Centre for Human Interactivity

Centre for Human Interactivity Autumn Symposium (CHIAS)

The CHI organizes a series of Autumn Symposia. The next one, CHIASIV, will  take place 14-15 September at Campus Odense.

CHIASIII took place the 17-18 September at Campus Odense. “Interactivity, Cognition and the Embrained Body” were the theme of the symposium, which is co-organised with the organisers of the British Distributed Thinking Symposia (DTS). Hence, CHIAS III is also DTS VII – the first DTS symposium to take place outside the UK. The keynote speakers were Michael J. Anderson (Franklin & Marshall College and University of Maryland) and Tony Chemero (University of Cincinati).

Our previous symposia counts CHIASII “Simplexity: Implications for Language” and CHIASI "Values and systems in interactivity, language and cognition"


Last Updated 15.12.2016