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Materials Chemistry


Recent topics include photochromic and persistent luminescent materials, zeolites and mesoporous materials, ionic conductors, ceramic catalyst supports, pigments, and water-glass.


The group draws some of its inspiration from a comprehensive knowledge of naturally occurring minerals, whose structures and properties are often closely related to materials of technological interest. The challenge is to manipulate the chemistry and devise effective preparative procedures that result in a product with the desired properties and purity for specific applications. Many of our projects also boarder on solid-state physics; so all in all our work is essentially interdisciplinary, but with a solid-state chemistry core.


Accumulative efforts by the group over several years, together with closely related teaching activities, led to the publication of an advanced textbook on materials chemistry, which is currently held in over 500 libraries worldwide. Whilst successful collaboration with Danish Industry at PhD level has led to our innovative technology being patented and licensed by SDU to the manufacturing sector.