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Research Profile

Center for Social Practices and Cognition is a part of the Department of Language and Communication at the University of Southern Denmark. The main focus of our research is how people achieve a mutual understanding through social interactions. Thereby our research contributes to the research done on the Danish welfare society, studying when and how we as individuals become included and take part in society by using our linguistic and communicative competences. Hence our research concerns cases in which individuals do not manage to participate in society and thereby become excluded from it. Our center also seeks potential ways for us to get involved again. This is examined in everyday life as well as in institutional contexts. Our primary research methods are ethnographic as we observe and record authentic interaction. We analyze how the participants achieve a common understanding when coordinating resources such as language, gestures, body, gaze and material artefacts. For this purpose we use Ethnomethodological Conversation Analysis (EMCA). Our center is a part of the research unit PIPE. It unifies scientists (mainly EMCA-analysts) in professional interaction and expertise at the University of Southern Denmark located at the university campuses in Odense, Kolding and Sønderborg.

Last Updated 08.10.2021