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Healthcare communication with people with aphasia

Aphasia after acquired brain injury means that the affected ones struggle with communication due to problems with finding words, reading, writing and understanding what others say. These abilities are essential when communicating with others and, especially, health professionals assisting in treatment and rehabilitation.


When communicating with people with aphasia it is important that the health professionals are able to modify their communication to the present skills of the person with aphasia. Therefor research into new strategies and instruments for supported healthcare communication are being done. This includes training programs for healthcare professionals, materials to improve conversation and ways to evaluate these interventions.


The following projects concern that:

  • KomTil – A cohesive rehabilitation journey for people with aphasia (funded by Trygfonden and Region Syddanmark)
  • Does communication partner training work? (funded by Trygfonden)
  • Communicative support to people with aphasia (funded by SDU Human Health)


All projects include collaboration with hospitals, municipalities, patient organizations and individuals with aphasia.

We use different kings of methods in our collection of data and analysis being surveys, qualitative interviews, observations, conversation analysis and thematic analysis.


Participant: Jytte Isaksen



Last Updated 13.10.2021