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Digitalized mediated interaction

Now a days many social activities take place using digital means which means that we can perform social activities without being physically co-present. ‘Playing a game’, ‘making a pass at someone’, ‘participating in the public debate’ or ‘sharing experiences’ can be done by logging in to Fortnite, Tinder, Facebook or YouTube and participating digitally.


This center’s research in digitized mediated interaction addresses the question of how the participants use the resources available to them to perform social activities without necessarily being together physically. The research asks how the participants structure and negotiate common activities digitally, including how social categories and interpersonal relations are brought into play and negotiated. Examples of this are the construction of identity, positioning work, the expression and management of emotion and negotiations of social norms in digitalized mediated interaction.

Studies in this area contribute to knowledge about how users orient towards and make use of the scope of the communication situation and the affordances of the media in interpersonal communication. It is pivotal that physical presence is rare, and that written language is often used for communication.

Our research includes different platforms for interaction, for example being on online fora, chat, comments threads, and representations of digitalized mediated interaction in fiction. We also focus on newspaper articles published online analyzed as interaction.

We use methods adjusted to examining social interaction conducted through digital technologies. Methods include ‘digital’ conversation analysis, interactional pragmatics and multimodal analysis.


Participant: Elisabeth Muth Andersen

Last Updated 13.10.2021