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I am at the University of York during term 2. I follow a UG course on ”Social interaction and conversations analysis”, led by professor Paul Drew. I also take part in weekly workshops / data sessions with 5 other PhD Fellows (Jeanette Landgrebe, SDU; Minna Leinonen, Tampere; Catherine Crow, York; Keun Young Sliedrecht, Amsterdam og Xiaoting Li, Berlin) and professor Drew.

New Book published

Dennis Day, Annette Grindsted and others have edited a book on Cities and Crises published by HumanitarianNet. It just came out. Humanitarian crises caused by conflict or natural disasters have become a growing focus of multi-disciplinary studies. Research, including EM research, on response mechanisms to humanitarian crises have likewise undergone rapid developments. The book addresses in particular urban crises.

It is based on conclusions and case studies discussed by scholars and practitioners during HumanitarianNet's Annual Forum 2008 in Odense.

Editors: Dennis Day, Annette Grindsted, Brigitte Piquard, David Zammit
Managing Editor: Kevin Villanueva
Serie: HumanitarianNet Publication Series on Migration
Editorial: Deusto University Press, Bilbao, Spain.
Year of Publication: 2009
ISBN 978-84-9830-213-4

Last Updated 08.03.2021