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Vision and Mission

SDU Strategy and our Vision

OPC aims to develop an enriching and diverse research environment for its members and collaborative partners. In doing so, the centre strives to generate knowledge about and insight into the area of organizational practice and communication for the benefit of the research community, students and organizations.

We strive to do so by:

Doing something worth doing, for society with society:

  • We develop and implement our research in close collaboration with public and private organizations.
  • We communicate a research-based approach to organizational development, through collaborative research-projects, presentations, workshops, and more.
  • We contribute to the public debate.
  • We develop relevant and attractive courses.

Enabling every talent, while encouraging the exceptional:

  • We create a productive, constructive research atmosphere with the ambition of strengthening members' research and our ability to disseminate knowledge.
  • We create a challenging supportive environment, in which Ph.D. students and junior researchers can develop.
  • We develop and expand centre members' research-based teaching-portfolios for the benefit of bachelor, master and Ph.D. students, and include students in our research. 

Breaking through boundaries and shaping the future:

  • We create the foundation for individual centre members and groups to build national and international networks aimed at attracting external funding.
  • We invite international guest lecturers to support our research environment.
  • We publish in international, peer-reviewed journals.
  • We participate in international conferences. 


Last Updated 25.02.2021