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Teaching and Supervision

The members of OPC are all involved in teaching and supervision, and welcome students to contact us if they have interest in one or several of themes mentioned below. 

Astrid Jensen, Associate Professor, Head of Centre

• Corporate Communication in Theory and Practice
• Crisis Communication
• Communicating CSR
• Language management and language practice in international organizations
• Intercultural communication


Steven Breunig, Associate Professor

• Intercultural Communication
• Strategic writing and organisational communication
• Linguistics
• Language and learning sciences
• Aesthetic communication

Cindie Maagaard, Associate Professor

• Corporate Communication in Theory and Practice
• Corporate Storytelling
• Organizational Sense-Making and Sense-Giving in a Narrative Perspective (including prospective narrative and scenario-making)
• Multimodal Narrative
• Communicating CSR Across Contexts and Media 

Heidi Hansen, Associate Professor

• Branding
• Management Communication
• Strategic Public Relations
• Corporate Storytelling
• Corporate Social Responsibility 

Last Updated 07.04.2021