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Activities 2021:



Earlier activities:


13/06/2018: Meeting of Narrative Researchers at SDU Odense Campus

9/13/2018: Heidi Hansen on "Branding og Bugtaleri"

Branding stems from a marketing discipline that has traditionally been rooted in the transmission paradigm and the idea of a brand as an entity that can be developed and managed by a brand management team.
An alternative is to think of the brand as brand space that consists of speech, text and materiality. The limits of the brand space are fluid and continuously negotiated amongst many different actors.
Views cannot be controlled, but by acting as a practical author, the brand manager can try to develop and strengthen selected discourses and narratives, thus attempting to add the desired meaning to the brand.

This information is a small teaser on what Heidi Hansen presented on IVK-day's lecture "Branding and Bugtaleri".



17.11.15: Anders Klitmøller, Danish Global Leadership. Presentation for Danish Red Cross, Copenhagen.


28.10.15: Jette Ernst, Merger as field transformations: Nurses’ positioning and metaphoric journeys, Presentation at School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University, London, UK.


11.04.15: Steven Breunig, Writing across Borders. Presentation on enhancing intercultural communication for House and Co. International., Odense.


07.04.15 Jette Ernst, Mellem evidens og sund fornuft? Standardisering af sygeplejepraksis i FAM, Presentation at Center for Kvalitet, Middelfart.