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Visiting PhD students
After your application has been approved, you are allowed to stay up to six months. You will be enrolled in one of the doctoral programs offered by the Humanities' Doctoral School at SDU .

The Doctoral School  offers a lot of activities, such as: Research courses, study circles, and other PhD-related initiatives.  The programs also collaborate with other programs on the national and international level. 

Your benefits
In addition to the courses and initiatives offered by the formal enrollment in the Doctoral school, we offer you a thought-inducing, thriving and active research environment at CNS. Visiting PhD Students can expect to be involved in research meetings, to receive feedback on their work and to benefit from CNS's resources and networks. You will be provided a workspace and access to SDU's excellent library resources, and be able to connect with other PhD Students, as well as with the faculty.

If you aspire to become a Visiting PhD Student at the Center for Narratological Studies, University of Southern Denmark, then please get in touch with Klarissa Lueg.

We expect you to have finalized a PhD thesis proposal or at the very least, have a strong will to publish and be able to state what field of research and what researcher you wish to connect with. Please send an email containing all vital institutional (supervisors, home university) and contact information as well as a short abstract of your (prospective) work to klueg@sdu.

General information
No tuition fees will be required of you. Follow the link for further guidelines.
Thank you for considering visiting us.

Last Updated 09.07.2020