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Center for Narratological Studies (CNS)

The Center of Narratological Studies (CNS) is a faculty-grounded research unit, and an interdisciplinary, international research network, located at the University of Southern Denmark, Kolding. Our purpose is exploring narrative in all its aspects, with an interest both in empirical and theoretical issues. As a group, we collaborate on common projects, but also work and publish individually and with further associates. Our associate scholars and we specialize in diverse research areas, but share a common interest in how narratives, oppositional counter-narratives, in particular, inform and influence social interaction and structure.

We draw on classical and contemporary social and cultural theory to pursue research questions pertaining to how agents, by means of discursive encounters, construct and shape their contexts, and how, vice versa, dominant contextual narratives impact on agents. Centrally, the CNS has an interest in organizational studies, reaching from research into management-employee interaction in corporations, to studying professional and organizational developments in public higher education or health organizations, inter alia. We offer workshops and seminars, and engage in lecturer exchange and conferences.

CNS is located at SDU’s Campus Kolding and headed by Klarissa Lueg and Ann Starbæk Bager. The Center was founded in 2008 by Per Krogh Hansen and was headed by Marianne Wolf Lundholt until 2019. Since then, CNS has been steadily growing, both by appointing tenured faculty and hiring junior scholars, and by expanding the national and international network of cooperating scholars. Currently, we work within the scope of organizational change and narratology.

Our work is dedicated to the UN sustainable development goals, and we focus on these research areas and goals, in particular:

Goal 4:  Quality Education
Goal 8:  
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Goal 9:  
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Goal 10: 
Reducing Inequality
Goal 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
Goal 17: Partnershipsfor the Goals

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Courses and activities

Conference Call for Papers: Danish-German Borderlands – Organizing and Renegotiating Space. Joint Conference of the University of Southern Denmark and Europa-Universität Flensburg. October 1-2, 2020  

In celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the referendum that redrew the border between Denmark and
Germany, CNS is hosting a conference on borderlands, borderspaces, and identities in October 2020.
 If you wish to participate then please follow the guidelines in the PDF.


Our faculty at the Center for Narralogical Studies teaches a wide variety of university courses, ranging from B.A. to M.A. level.

Organizational communication and development and cultural studies are the key essence in most of our courses.


Please visit our PhD- and summer courses listed at our Activities page and our courses at What we teach.



CLaWCommunication and Language at Work

Communication and Language at Work is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal focusing on (communicative and discursive) practices relating to organizations. With a view to disciplines, the journal invites contributions navigating sociological and philosophical considerations of communication, knowledge, agency, and organization. Empirically, our authors investigate subjects in diverse research areas, from communication to critical management studies and education, psychology, political science, and intercultural studies. We publish research investigating the phenomenon of work with various foci: theoretical considerations on organizational behavior are as welcome as empirical case studies on agent groups at the workplace, and studies on the embeddedness of work organizations in communicative webs of culture, politics, economics, and other aspects. 

To read more about the centers publications and bookseries, please visit our Publications page.


Our Faculty

Marianne Wolff Lundholt, Associate Professor, PhD, is our Head of Department at the Faculty of Design and Communication. Her areas of research include narratology, counter-narratives, management communication and organizational communication. She has coedited (with Timothy Kuhn and Sanne Frandsen) the volume Counter-narratives and organization (Routledge, 2017). She has also coedited (with David Boje) a special issue of European Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management (“Counter-narratives in and around organizations in cross cultural environments”, 2016).

Klarissa LuegAssociate Professor, Dr.phil.habil., is the Director of the Center of Narratological Studies. She specializes in (sociological) organizational research, with a focus on higher education and processes of change induced by internationalization and global exchange. She investigates intercultural encounters, and the formation of identity by means of analyzing both narrative and opposition towards dominant narrative.

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