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  • 30.09.2020

    Interview with Student Speech Award Winner Michela Prete at the Summer School Event 2020

    Michela Prete was giving a speech at the Photovoltaic Summer School 2020 of the Southern Denmark University and the Technical Danish University and was awarded with the Best Student Speech Award.

  • 23.09.2020

    Bronchitis medicine shows promise as COVID-19 medicament

    After having virtually screened 640 existing medicinal products, researchers from Uppsala University and SDU found that the substance PC786 actively hits several SARS-CoV-2 receptors and thus turns out to be a candidate in the fight against COVID-19. The medicine clearly stands out from the others. The screening method can be used to find other promising candidates.

  • 22.09.2020

    SDU researchers find effective remedy against COVID-19

    Using computer simultions researchers at SDU NanoSYD have found a substance that may function as a weapon against COVID-19

  • 22.09.2020

    Computer simulations help Danish researchers in the fight against COVID-19

    Using computer simulations, researchers at SDU NanoSYD have found a substance that may fuctions as a weapon against COVID-19.

  • 10.09.2020

    Villum Experiment millions for nano research at MCI

    The researchers Jacek Fiutowski and Shailesh Kumar from the Mads Clausen Institute (MCI) at SDU both receive a shade under two million kroner from Villum Fonden in connection with the Villum Experiment programme. Their research can get a large impact on the IT-security and quantum computers of the future, respectively, as well as on new possibilities within, e.g. cancer treatment

  • 21.08.2020

    Researchers discover superconductor with unexpected lattice configuration

    An international team has discovered that compressing monocrystalline (TaSe4)2I can create a system where the constituent TaSe4Q1-D atomic chains are in amorphous state without breaking the orientational and periodic translation symmetries of the chain lattice.

  • 25.06.2020

    Threats from the micro universe

    Researchers today are concerned about possible health threats from the micro and nano universe. The invisible particles are all around us, in the food, in the water, in the air and even inside us, and while some may be harmful, others may be the next great medical revolution.

  • 31.05.2020

    Scientists investigate the interplay between superconductivity and ferromagnetism for the development of quantum information technologies.

    SDU NanoSYD researcher finds long-range magnetoelectronic excitations in hydrogenated boron-doped nanodiamond films.

  • 24.05.2020

    Grant worth 6 million DKK for research in solar cells

    In the Danish article on, you can read about the grant that NanoSYD has received from Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond for research in organic solar cells.

  • 24.05.2020

    6 mio DKK to improve organic solar cells

    In a Danish article on you can read about the new project between NanoSYD, KU and AU to improve organic solar cells funded by Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond.

  • 15.04.2020

    Check the water quality on your mobile

    The importance of having access to clean drinking water cannot be underestimated. Researchers at SDU NanoSYD are the leaders of a project proposal designed to develop an app that can check water quality.

  • 03.03.2020

    SDU-researcher wins big prize, close to solving problem with organic solar panels

    A veritable solar power revolution could be underway in the laboratories at NanoSYD, where Vida Engmann is working to make organic solar technology as stable as conventional PV panels. She now receives an international prize for her research.

  • 25.02.2020

    Digital nose to cut food waste

    Food Supply Magazine no. 17 brings an article about a sensor developed by SDU researchers to smell the freshness of meat and ensure a correct best-before date.

  • 28.01.2020

    Scientific consensus for perovskite solar cells published in Nature Energy

    The so-called perovskite solar cells are on the cusp of becoming a commercial breakthrough but, despite promising results, it has been difficult to compare the scientific breakthroughs because of differences in the description of progress. Together with an international research group led by Monica Lira-Cantu (ICN2, Barcelona) as well as Eugene Katz and Mark Khenkin (Ben-Gurion University, Negev), the solar cell group at SDU NanoSYD in Sonderborg have released a statement on the description of progress in connection to the stability of perovskite solar cells. The statement is published in the highly acknowledged research magazine Nature Energy.

  • 15.01.2020

    MCI upgrades its research within smart materials – hires professor Yogendra Kumar Mishra

    There is a strong upgrade going on at the Mads Clausen Institute at SDU. Professor Yogendra Kumar Mishra was hired, which ensures a unique position of strength of the research within three-dimensional smart materials.

  • 27.11.2019

    Morten Madsen appointed professor wsr

    MSc in Engineering, PhD in Functional Materials and Nanotechnology, wsr and head of research Morten Madsen has been appointed professor wsr (with special responsibilities) at the Mads Clausen Institute, SDU. Despite his only 40 years of age, Morten Madsen has already manifested himself as an internationally acknowledged researcher within organic solar cells.

  • 02.10.2019

    Honorary doctorate award & guest lecture on 25 October

    By Prof. Christof Wöll, Institute of Funtional Interfaces (IFG), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

  • 02.09.2019

    NanoSYD Minisymposium on 18 October 2019

    Minisymposium in connection with NanoSYD's 12 years' anniversary

  • 15.05.2019

    Vida Engmann from SDU receives esteemed ‘For Women in Science’ Award

    Three of Denmark’s most talented researchers within natural sciences received the ’For Women in Science’ Award on 15 May. One of those talented researchers is assistant professor Vida Engmann from SDU Sonderborg

  • 07.03.2019

    Breakthrough for organic solar cells

    Researchers from the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Sønderborg have achieved breakthrough within organic solar cells. They have succeeded in prolonging the lifetime of organic solar cells – a crucial point if organic solar cells are to compete with conventional silicon solar cells.

  • 08.02.2019

    Danish research significantly increases the durability of organic solar cells

    In an article in the Danish newspaper Ingeniøren you can read about Danish research that significantly increases the durability of organic solar cells

  • 23.01.2019

    The man who makes the magic happen

    Professor Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi is a pioneer within the research areas named Plasmonics and Nano Optics. Both hands are needed if you want to count the phenomena and concepts that can be ascribed the Danish top researcher of Russian origin. This is due to an indomitable will, a great imagination and a belief in the impossible. Now he is the latest recipient of the Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award in Science and Technology.

  • 21.12.2018

    World class X-ray equipment for academic and industrial applications

    The Mads Clausen Institute has acquired a SKYSCAN 2214 which is one of the finest x-ray tomographs in the world. It has an incredibly large resolution and can be applied in a large range of industry applications.

  • 18.11.2018

    Save the date: Green PE conference on 25 January at Alsion

    Beginning of next year, the Interreg project Power Electronics for Green Energy Efficiency (Green PE) runs a conference that provides the output of the project to anyone interested.

  • 02.11.2018

    Jacek Fiutowski and IRCA receive BHJ Award

    A happy and proud Jacek Fiutowski won the BHJ award as ‘Young researcher of the year’ on Friday, 2 November. The prize is given to SDU Sonderburg staff members below the age of 40. Jacek has asserted himself with ground-breaking research that has been filling front pages in acknowledged research magazines. Innovation Research Cluster Alsion (IRCA) received 100.000 kroner from the foundation.

  • 25.10.2018

    Sensing platform to eliminate toxic nanoparticles

    In an article in the Danish newspaper Ingeniøren you can read about the development of an instrument that makes the use of nanoparticles safe.

  • 14.09.2018

    PhD defense by Golnaz Sherafatipour

    PhD student Golnaz Sherafatipour with defend her PhD thesis titled "Degradation pathways in organic small molecule and hybrid solar cells".

  • 10.09.2018

    SDU Sønderborg med besøg fra Down Under

    Griffith University ved Gold Coast i Australien og SDU har igennem flere år haft et partnerskab i forbindelse med et PhD-program. I sidste uge aflagde Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor, Ned Pankhurst, SDU Sønderborg et besøg.

  • 16.07.2018

    Nano test to ensure safety of future cosmetics and foods

    Nanoparticles make their way into a broad range of products and help to optimise everyday life, but the tiny particles can also end up taking their toll on our health. The nanotechnology centres at the Mads Clausen Institute, NanoSYD in Sonderborg and Nanooptics in Odense, now received funding for a project that will test products for possible harmful particles.

  • 15.05.2018

    Grant worth millions for solar panel group at NanoSYD

    SDU has received a grant of DKK 5,566,800 from Independent Research Fund Denmark in Technology and Production. The grant will give impetus to research in organic solar panels, so that they can become a serious player in the commercial market. The large amount of money will strengthen the collaboration between SDU and a number of recognized international universities.

  • 03.05.2018

    PhD defense by Elzbieta Karolina Sobolewska

    PhD student Elzbieta Karolina Sobolewska with defend her PhD thesis titled "Organic Plasmonic Hybrid Systems for Optpelectronic Applications".

  • 12.04.2018

    PhD defense by Pawel Cielecki

    PhD student Pawel Cielecki with defend his PhD thesis titled "Time-resolved photoluminescence measurements of organic materials and devices".

  • 15.03.2018

    SDU research wins space in prestigious scientific magazine

    The Mads Clausen Institute at SDU Sønderborg is home to NanoSYD and NanoOptic, where research is conducted into the world's smallest building block. The two sections have simultaneously won space in a prestigious scientific magazine.

  • 08.01.2018

    PhD defense by Mina Mirsafaei

    PhD student Mina Mirsafaei will defend her PhD thesis titled "Plasmonic Nanostructures for Organic Solar Cells".

  • 10.11.2017

    Kaunas Science Award to KTU Professor Sigitas Tamulevičius

    This year's Kaunas Science Award was awarded to professor Sigitas Tamulevičius, Director of Kaunas University of Technology, director of the KTU Materials Science Institute. Professor Tamulevičius is also Honorary Professor at NanoSYD, University of Southern Denmark.

  • 09.11.2017

    PhD defense by Bhushan Patil

    PhD student Bhushan Patil with defend his PhD thesis titled "Interfacial layers and semi-transparent electrodes for large area flexible organic photovoltaics".

  • 08.11.2017

    PhD defense by Mehrad Ahmadpour

    PhD student Mehrad Ahmadpour with defend his PhD thesis titled "Metal-Oxide based interlayers for organic and perovskite photovoltaics".

  • 09.10.2017

    SDU Sønderborg's connection with Arnold Schwarzenegger

    In the film Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger sets about exterminating all humans on earth. Today, Schwarzenegger is trying to save humanity from the climate changes the world is facing. To that end, his advisor, Professor Jose Galizia Tundisi, has entered into a collaboration with SDU Sønderborg.

  • 11.05.2017

    Danish-German Collaboration to Clear the Way for Ultra-Fast and Accurate Cancer Diagnosis

    Improved and ultra-fast diagnosis of cancer. This is the primary objective of collaboration between University of Southern Denmark, Universität zu Lübeck, Odense University Hospital and UKSH Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein. 

  • 05.05.2017

    Head of Department at SDU Sønderborg receives "The Funen Nobel Prize"

    The Head of the Mads Clausen Institute at the University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg, Horst-Günter Rubahn, received a great honour on Thursday when he was awarded Fyens Stiftstidende's Researcher Prize 2017.

  • 25.01.2017

    PhD defense by André Luis Fernandes Cauduro

    PhD student André Luis Fernandes Cauduro will defend his PhD thesis titled "Growth, properties and applications of Mo Ox thin-films deposited by reactive sputtering"

  • 23.01.2017

    PhD defense by Shakil Ahmed

    PhD student Shakil Ahmed will defend his PhD thesis titled "Implementation of immunomagnetic separation (IMS) for the enrichment and automated detection of bacterial contaminants in flow through lab on the chip technology”

  • 14.12.2016

    SDU to print cheap and ultra-thin solar panels

    Researchers at SDU NanoSYD have succeeded in producing highly effective paper-thin organic solar panels. Now they will attempt to print out the solar panels in rolls several metres long so that the panels can be spread over roofs and cars.

  • 26.10.2016

    Small donation makes a big difference

    Donation from Danfoss Foundation for Education enables important experiments in-house.

  • 10.10.2016

    100% Conference reveals need to study successful green-tech start-ups

    Scientists and practitioners joined in discussion of future renewable energies at the binational series of annual conference on renewable energy and climate neutrality

  • 01.09.2016

    New future for Danfoss technology at SDU

    The new RollFlex centre was presented when Jørgen Mads Clausen visited the Mads Clausen Institute. Parts of the centre originate from a previous Danfoss production facility.

  • 11.07.2016

    Six Mio. DKK to improve organic solar cells

    New project aims to enhance the lifetime of flexible solar panels

  • 06.07.2016

    PhD students have received travel grants from Foundation Idella

    PhD students Pawel Piotr Cielecki and Bhushan Ramesh Patil have received travel grants from Foundation Idella for conducting a collaborative work in the field of organic photovoltaics.

  • 09.06.2016

    Green power electronics project off to a good start

    On March 16, the representatives of six Baltic Sea neighbours gathered to push the Interreg project 'Power Electronics for Green Energy Efficiency' off to a good start. The launch marks the beginning of an effort to increase green energy consumption by means of advanced power electronics.

  • 12.05.2016

    Baltic TRAM-project to upscale research in the Baltic Sea Region

    Three Million Euro investment intensifies strategic cooperation between research institutions and business in the Baltic Sea Region.

  • 11.05.2016

    PhD defence by Arkadiusz Goszczak

    PhD student Arkadiusz Goszczak will defend his PhD thesis titled "Nanostructures for Organic Solar Cells".

  • 05.02.2016

    Research Award 2016 of the BHJ Foundation goes to Morten Madsen, Associate Professor

    On 5 February 2016 the BHJ Foundation honoured Morten’s outstanding and systematic commitment in building up a group on ‘Organic Photovoltaics’ at the Mads Clausen Institute.

  • 29.09.2015

    PhD student receives grant for collaboration with University of Liverpool

    André Cauduro has received a travel grant for conducting a collaborative work with University of Liverpool.

  • 28.05.2015

    PhD defense by Oksana Kostiucenko

    PhD student Oksana Kostiucenko will defend her thesis titled "Generation and preservation of field enhancement for organic-plasmonic devices".

  • 20.03.2015

    University cooperation to increase efficiency of solar cells

    The Mads Clausen Institute has entered into cooperation with Aarhus University with the aim of increasing the efficiency of solar cells. The project is called SunTune and is supported by Innovationsfonden with a total of 23 million DKK.

  • 19.02.2015

    Mads Clausen Institute participates in new solar cell project with Aarhus University

  • 10.02.2015

    Siemens Foundation supports master projects

    Master students from NanoSYD at the Mads Clausen Institute received a donation from the Siemens Foundation for their master projects for development of organic solar cells and light transistors.

  • 06.02.2015

    Danfoss donations to the Mads Clausen Institute

    The Mads Clausen Institute has received several donations from different Danfoss foundations over a period of time. The donations favour different purposes at MCI and contribute to the acquisition of equipment supporting teaching as well as research.

  • 07.01.2015

    Extension for important honoray professorship

    Honorary professor Dr. Katharina Al-Shamery’s cooperation with SDU has produced good results. The honorary professorship is now extended for five years

  • 17.12.2014

    The ORION microscope – a ground-breaking instrument with a great number of application possibilities

    Last Friday, the installation of the ORION helium ion microscope at the Mads Clausen Institute was celebrated with a launch event.

  • 24.03.2014

    New beginning for Technet_nano

    The partners parted with the EU project Technet-nano. At the same time, they put their names to continue working together.

  • 08.10.2013

    PhD defence by Michal Radziwon

    PhD student Michal Radziwon will defend his thesis titled 'Nano Structured Devices for Energy Generation – α-sexithiophene – Buckminsterfullerene interface in solar cells'.

  • 09.04.2013

    PhD defence by Xuhai Liu

    PhD student Xuhai Liu will defend his thesis titled 'Micro- and nano-scale organic light-emitting devices driven by alternating-current voltage'.

  • 06.02.2013

    VELUX Visiting professor at NanoSYD

  • 18.12.2012

    2 mill. DKK from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation for new research project

    Luciana Tavares from NanoSYD at The Mads Clausen Institute (MCI) just received a grant of 2 million kroner from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation|Danish Council for Technology and Innovation for a project about investigations of a new optoelectronic component with applications within areas such as light sources, solar cells, and sensors.

  • 24.10.2012

    Danfoss Uddannelsesfond supports MCI Science Show

    How can we communicate natural sciences to young people in Sønderborg in order to increase their interest in the scientific study programmes and activities at University of Southern Denmark? This is a question that three young researchers from the Mads Clausen Institute tried to answer, so they decided to initiate a science show.

  • 09.10.2012

    Seed funding for joint project with universities from Northern Germany

    University of Southern Denmark has entered into collaboration with Hamburg University (UHH), Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU), and Aarhus University with the objective to initiate, strengthen and expand cooperation within teaching, research, and other areas.

  • 04.05.2012

    Project extension ensures cross-border collaboration

    Grant from the German Research Foundation for research in plasmon propagation.

  • 02.05.2012

    Poster prize for Xuhai Liu

    On the SPIE Photonics Europe in Brussels from April 15-19, Xuhai's poster was chosen as the best among 42 posters in conference 8435.

  • 07.11.2011

    New network in Baltic sea region supports nanotechnology

    EU gives 16. million DKK to large international network in order to strengthen the high technological development in the Baltic sea region.