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Sensor technologies

Electronic nose for meat expiration date prediction:

In collaboration with AmiNIC ApS and Fraunhofer ISIT, we have demonstrated a high sensitive and selective method for determination of meat and fish expiration dates using micro-cantilever sensors for detection of a meat freshness biomarker gas (cadaverine). 

The research and development are divided into three main blocks:

Micro-cantilever design and fabrication:
- Multi-cantilever systems for overcoming sensor non-linearities (funded by DFF green initiatives)
- Cantilevers based on SU-8 materials (funded by GUDP + commer- cialization activities)

Cantilevers functionalization with cadaverine-selective binder:
- Cantilever surface modification for reproducible functionalization (master thesis) 
Cantilever structuring for reproducible functionalization (funded by EU-lump sum)

- Testing and calibration (funded by commercialization activities)
- Reliability (funded by commercialization activities)       
- Algorithm (bachelor thesis)



Sensor for healthcare:

Access and acceleration is an Interreg Denmark-Deutschland project which brings research closer to the healthcare sector. Several projects in collaboration with Abena Holdings and AmiNIC Aps are developing solutions for healthcare challenges. Here are some examples:


This project is developing a hand-held device based on piezoelectric membranes for the sensing of breath biomarkers, which can indicate a series of diseases in a quick way. The proof-of-concept is being developed to detect COVID-19 biomarkers in breath. Framework: Experts in Teams project.

Colorimetric facemasks:

This project aims to demonstrate a method for facemasks which change color when exposed to the breath of persons with pulmonary infection. Funding: Fabrikant Mads Clausen Foundation.

Smart pill sorting:

In collaboration with Abena, a group of students is developing a new solution for intelligent sorting and management of medical pills for hospital and elderly care sectors. Framework: Experts in Teams project.


Water quality monitoring:

We research and develop solutions to address physical, chemical and biological pollution in water. Collaboration: WaterCare Guard, Copenhagen Nanosystems, J-W Teknik, Feevale University, IIT Bombay.

Physical particles:

Nanoparticle sorting: For the checknano project, we have demonstrated the sorting of nano and micro particles by size via microfluidic chips, as pre-sorting for nanoparticle detection. Funding: Interreg Denmark-Deutschland.

Chemical pollution:

Vinyl Chloride sensing in water: In collaboration with WaterCare Guard and Copenhagen Nanosystems, we are developing surfaces for capture of vinyl chloride molecules in water samples. Funding: DigitaliseringsBoost. 
Geosmin sensing in water: In collaboration with J-W Teknik, we are developing an electrochemical sensing for detection of geosmin in water samples. Funding: Commercialization Activities.

Biological pathogens:

Adenovirus detection in water: In collaboration with Feevale University, we have developed a method to pre-concentrate Human Adenovirus in water samples. Funding: CAPES.
E-Coli detection in water: In collaboration with Copenhagen Nanosystems and IIT Bombay, we are developing a method to detect e-coli in water samples. Funding: Innovation Fund Denmark.


Sensor development:

Thermal Mass Flow Sensors for aeronautic applications:

This project prototypes a robust thermal mass flow sensor for aircraft speed measurements. The work is performed with the Aeronautics Tech Institute and Embraer in Brazil. Framework: PhD project and Bachelor project.

Fabric-based gas sensors:
- This project explores the flexibility and functionality of ZnO tetrapods for the development of gas sensors embedded in fabrics. Framework: Master project.


NanoSYD members working within this field

Roana de Oliveira Hansen, Associate Professor
Jacek Fiutowski, Associate Professor
Tatiana Lisboa Marcondes – Industrial Postdoc
Lawrence Nsubuga – PhD student
Deborah Curtis – Research assistant
Eduardo Tannhauser – Research assistant
Simon Overgaard Høegh – Guest researcher
Arthur Blaser – Student assistant
Gabriel-Ioan Dudas – Student assistant
Kiana Kavianynejad – Student assistent
Lucas de Carvalho Ribeiro – PhD student
Sabita Acharya - Master student
Raisa Sadat Sharmin - Master student
Zoltan-Mihaly Torok – Bachelor student
Jesus Sanmartin Gonzalez-Haba – Bachelor student
Mary Dannia Raju – Bachelor student
Xabier Aítor Adin Vallespir – Bachelor student
Jamal Salvi – Bachelor student

Previous NanoSYD members working within this field

James Hoyland, Assistant professor

Shakil Ahmed, PhD student

Casper Kunstmann-Olsen, Postdoc

Juliana Schons Gularte, PhD student


Funded projects

AmiNIC commercialization activities

Project duration: 1 January 2019 – 31 December 2022

Project partners: University of Southern Denmark and AmiNIC ApS


Cantilin – High-accuracy prediction of meat expiration dates by overcoming non-linearity barriers for microcantilever biosensors, Danish Council for Independent Research – Green Transition

Project duration: 1 March 2021 – 28 February 2024

Project partners: University of Southern Denmark, Fraunhofer ISIT and AmiNIC ApS


High-Tech development of game-changing innovation for food waste reduction, EU- Coordination and support action Lump sum

Project duration: 1 September 2020 – 28 February 2022

Project partners: University of Southern Denmark and AmiNIC ApS


Paanee – Photons and AI for Aquifer monitoring Needs: A cyber-physical system for monitoring groundwater qualityInnovation Fund Denmark

Project Duration: 2021-2024

Project Partners: University of Southern Denmark, Copenhagen Nanosystems and IIT Bombay.


J-W teknik commercialization activities

Project duration: 2021-2022

Project partners: University of Southern Denmark and J-W teknik

Access and Acceleration, INTERREG Denmark-Deutschland
Project duration: 2019-2022


Development of sensors for Vinyl Chloride detection in water, DigitaliseringsBoost

Project duration: 2021-2022

Project partners: University of Southern Denmark, WaterCare Guard and Copenhagen Nanosystems


Smart masks for healthcareFabrikant Mads Clausens Fond

Project Duration: 2020-2021


AmiNIC – MEMS sensors for meat quality assessment, AutomationsBoost

Project Duration: 2017-2019

Project Partners: University of Southern Denmark/MCI and AmiNIC ApS


Plasmonic gas sensors, Fabrikant Mads Clausens Fond

Project Duration: 2016-2017


Smart Surfaces for sensors, Fabrikant Mads Clausens Fond

Project Duration: 2018-2019


Stimulus-active microfluidic calibration platformFabrikant Mads Clausens Fond

Project Duration: 2019-2020


Blue Unit water chemical sensorsAutomationsBoost

Project Duration: 2017-2019


Lab-on-Chip technique for food quality control in the food and bio industry, INTERREG 4A
Project duration: 1 January 2009 - 31 December 2013
Project partners: University of Southern Denmark/MCI (lead partner), University of Applied Sciences Flensburg, University of Applied Sciences Kiel


Water quality sensing platforms for ecological management of urban rivers, Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation / networking.

Project duration: Jan – December 2017

Project Partners: : International Institute of Ecology, Federal University of São Carlos, Feevale University (Brazil), University of Southern Denmark



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Lucas de Carvalho Ribeiro*, Matiyas Tsegay KorsaO. SaotomeJ. AdamRoana Melina de Oliveira Hansen. Design of a Micro-Machined Flow Sensor for Aircraft Air Data Systems Application: Mechanical Considerations. ICMMT 2020 : XIV. International Conference on Microelectronics and Microsystems Technology, 2020.

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Ying Wang, Elzbieta Karolina Sobolewska, Jacek Fiutowski, Jörg Albers, Eric Nebling, Bernhard Wagner, Wolfgang Benecke, Horst-Günter Rubahn and Roana de Oliveira Hansen* “Functionalizing micro-cantilevers for meat degradation measurements” IEEE proceedings, 2016 Symposium on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS and MOEMS, 151-154, 2016.



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