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Activities in 2019:

5 -6 November    Symposium: Crisis, gender and the politics of time in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods
20 May Dies Medievalis (Det adelige Jomfrukloster)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
26 March             Historical Germanic Syntax                                                                                                                                                        

Activities in 2018:

1-2 November  Programme: Fear and Loathing in the Early City - Negative Emotions in the Medieval and Early Modern Period c. 1100-1700                            
13 March  The Early History of the North-Sea Germanic Language: Dutch, English, Frisian and Low German 

Activities in 2017:

15 November  Kultur- og Sproghistorisk Træf om Mælk og Sprog i Nordeuropa fra Stenalder til Middelalder 
6-7 November  Seminar: Life and cult of Canute the Holy - The first royal saint of Denmark
26 October Teologi og Satire på Reformationstiden   
21-22 September Seminar: Pirate Fiction in the Middle Ages, 500-1500 AD - The Image of the Sea-Warrior in Medieval Texts from the Factual to the Fantastic 
29 May Dies Medievalis (Nyborg Castle)
22 March Forskerkredsmøde: Saints and ther Uses in the Middle Ages
14 March International symposium:"Runic Inscriptions and the Early History of the Germanic Languages"

Activities in 2016:

November 7th - 8th Conference: "Dominicans in the Medieval Society of Northern Europe"
 June 27th - July 1st Ninth Quadrennial conference of the SSCLE "Diversity of Crusading"

Activities in 2015:

June 22nd Conference: "Saxo Grammaticus in the 21st Century". On the occation of K. Friis-Jensen and P. Fischer´s new edition and translation (Oxford Medieval Texts 2015)(at the Noble Women's Convent, Albani Torv 6, Odense)



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