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Publications from symposia

All of the papers given at the symposia are published in proceedings issued by the Centre.

Symposium 1976
Oral Tradition Literary Tradition.

Symposium 1977
The European Medieval Ballad.

Symposium 1978
Medieval Narrative

Symposium 1979
Medieval Iconography and Narrative

Symposium 1980
Hagiogaphy and Medieval Literature

Symposium 1981
The Medieval Legacy

Symposium 1982
From Script to Book

Symposium 1983
History and Heroic Tale

Symposium 1984
The Concept of Tradition in Ballad Research

Symposium 1985
Continuity and Change

Symposium 1986
Popular Drama in Northern Europe in the Later Middle Ages

Symposium 1987
The Vitality of the Arthurian Legend

Symposium 1988
The Telling of Stories, Approaches to a Tradition Craft

Symposium 1989
The Medieval Text, Editors and Critics

Symposium 1990
The Making of  the Couple

Symposium 1991
Saints and Sagas

Symposium 1992
Custom, Culture and Community in the Later Middleages

Symposium 1994
The Entertainer in Medieval and Traditional Culture

Symposium 1996
Billeder i middelalderen - Kalkmalerier og altertavler

Symposium 1997
Pilgerreisen im Mittelalter.

Symposium 1998
Inclinate Aurem. Oral Perspectives on Early European Verbal Culture.

Symposium 1999
Text and Voice, the Rhetorich og Authority in the Middle Ages.

Symposium 2000
Saxo and the Baltic Region.

Symposium 2001
Monsters Marvels and Miracles, Imaginary Journeys and Landscapes in the Middle Ages.

Symposium 2002
Tidlige klostre i Norden.

Symposium 2003
The Epic Journey.

Symposium 2004
Living with the Black Death

Symposium 2005
Christianisation of the North

Symposium 2006
Danmark i renæssancen

Symposium 2007
Fighting for the Faith during Renaissance and Reformation

Symposium 2008
From Goths to Varangians

Symposium 2009
Guilds, Towns, and Cultural Transmission in the North 1300-1500

Symposium 2010
Heresy, Magic and Natural Philosophy

Symposium 2011
Monastic Culture in Western Europe in the long 13th Century 

Symposium 2012
Schleswig-Holstein - contested Region(s) through History

Symposium 2013
Surprises from the Past

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