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Research Profile

The Research Centre for Computational & Organisational Cognition (CORG) aims at studying cognitive aspects in and around organisations. In so doing, it attempts at encouraging a wide range of approaches and research methodologies, with particular emphasis— although not exclusively — on computational social science and on the facets of distributed cognitive processes.


The Research Centre aims to establish itself as a national and international point of reference for the study of organisational cognition as well as for the use of advanced computational simulation techniques applied to organisational social and cognitive dynamics. We have the ambition to work as a catalyst of interest from others who work on cognition in organisations. We intend for our research to pioneer new directions, challenge the status quo, and (hopefully) become an inspiration to many.

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CORG Talks

We would like to introduce the 'CORG Talks.' These are discussions about a recently published or submitted paper that serve as a basis to outline research ideas, proposals, and directions. After a presentation, a discussion is opened with questions and answers.

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Last Updated 16.03.2021