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CORG Lab Resources

Opened in 2016, the CORG Lab offers a wide range of research support activities.

All of our resources are open to anyone who is interested in theory development and evidence-based research, including faculty, students, and external stakeholders.

The following pictures and short presentation of our resources are an invitation to join us and use the CORG Lab!

If you want to use the Lab facilities, please contact Jette Risom (, CORG secretary.

If you want more information about the Lab, please contact Davide Secchi (, head of the research centre. 


  • With its desktop computers and tablets, the laboratory is equipped to run survey studies, both within the walls of SDU Slagelse or in the outside world.
  • CORG Lab runs Qualtrics, the most advanced professional tool for survey design studies.


  • The flexible layout of the room transforms computer stations in booths and makes the CORG Lab the ideal place - and the only place in SDU Slagelse - to run controlled experiments.                


  • Video resources and a comfortable room allow for a wide range of qualitative research activities.


  • All computers are equipped with the latest statistical and qualitative analysis software to facilitate data analysis with the support of experts.                


  • More simply, CORG Lab can be used as a meeting room to develop theory, discuss research findings, papers at various stages of development, and to present research projects or ideas.                

Last Updated 03.07.2019