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The digital resemiotisation of buying and selling behavior

This regulates these practices in new and non-negotiable ways, pre-determining what actions users can perform and how, and it also creates a permanent record of everything they do, which can then be used to change the online practices in accordance with the interests of their providers. This project will investigate this process through a study of online shopping, an online practice which will increasingly affect all of us and which is constantly growing.

The project will depart from the following problem statement: How is shopping resemiotised when it moves from face-to-face buying/selling encounters to online environments, and what consequences do this have for customers?

This problem statement can be expanded into four interrelated research questions:

  1. How do buying/selling encounters unfold in online and face-to-face shopping environments?,
  2. How is the interaction between buyers and sellers multimodally realized in these different environments?,
  3. what skills do buyers and sellers need in each of these forms of shopping?, and
  4. which theoretical and methodological developments are needed to capture this?

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