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Research Profile

We are developing a distinct approach to the study of multimodality in which we see the social semiotic and systemic-functional study of language as having a central place in multimodality studies.

CMC studies single semiotic modes as well as modes in combination, all within the broader framework of a general theory of multimodality, and furthermore we see the physical embodiment of signs and sign articulation as a crucial part of understanding their social and cultural organization.

We combine the study of semiotic artefacts with the study of the practices in which they are embedded, with some emphasis on business communication, stylistics and various forms of storytelling, and we study technologically mediated semiotic resources both analytically and critically.

Finally, we combine pure research aiming at developing innovative methods and theories for the study of multimodal communication with applied research that engages at all times with key social, cultural, political and economic issues such as globalization, corporatization, social exclusion and social control.

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Conference NSFL-17

Read more about the online conference NSFL-17 at November 11 and 12 2021.

Conference NSFL-17

Last Updated 02.09.2021